Saturday, July 2, 2016

June 26-July 2

The official good bye to our big, gray house.  We had 13 months to love on this place and we will miss it.  It was really just the perfect home for us.  Never-the-less, we are thankful for God's provision of a new family for this home and how quickly we were able to close this chapter as we prepare for the next one.
Lots of fun had by these guys down at the creek finding all sorts of fun creatures.

Came across August, sitting at the counter, watching the news, and devouring a bag of grapes.
Cello lessons!
 Heading to a wedding selfie.
Snuggles with baby cousin Charlie--Bella loves her babies. ;o)


Mom said...

I am loving seeing all the photos you are posting as you are catch up with all these weeks. The one of August watching the TV just cracks me old is he? 45???? Love the one of you and Bella. Some tears shed for your Shelby home. So thankful you trust in a sovereign God!! Hugs

Anonymous said...

Hope everything is going great. Miss reading about you sweet family!