Saturday, May 14, 2016

May 8-14

All my little and not-so-little loves.
August's pictures begin to show a wee bit of thought (smiley face not his).
Bike gang in front of the house. 
Awana awards night!  Checking off another activity for the school year.
Water table fun for the guy who wants to live outside.
Eight grade graduation banquet at church. How is it possible my oldest is starting high school?
Everybody says it goes fast, and I feel like I went into this with eyes wide open.  But still, I am not sure anything prepares you for how fast.  We are so excited for all the new opportunities and experiences up ahead for Marissa.
Overlooking the fact that it got down to 36 degrees Friday night.  And also the fact that the pool isn't exactly all cleaned up and open for business yet, there is always that one who thinks it looks inviting and must try it out.  Let's just say he hopped in and right back out. ;o)

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Mom said...

Janna, you always look best when your blessings are sitting around you!!