Saturday, May 28, 2016

May 22-28

More peonies. ;o)
 Emmett's first game of the season.
 Josh hands Marissa a driving manual and says, "Read this, we're going to go take the test for your learner's permit for a school permit."  She reads it, passes test and Josh lets her drive home from Osceola--first time driving EVER.  They made it safe and sound . . . (Josh and I might prepare for things a bit differently . . . ahem).
Both of my baseball boys--Shelby got new shirts this year.  
 And a few more peonies . . .
 Leaving on our grand 2016 adventure.
We rented a vehicle (see grand 2013 adventure if you want the reasoning behind this big expense in our vacation budget . . . sometimes you can't put a price on peace of mind). ;o)
Creation Museum in Kentucky (first stop on our adventure!).
Note the color coordinating I have going on for Memorial Day weekend.
Josh got quite a kick out of finding us in various modes of matching . . . what can I say?
I like to plan . . . ;o)

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