Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Happy 2nd August Daniel!

Things I want to remember about you right now:
You are full of energy and fairly strong-willed. You know what you want and how to make that need known.  It doesn't really matter that you are my sixth toddler.  Experience as a mother does not a reasonable toddler make. ;o) You LOVE cars and driving (hence the above present).  Seeing you in your very own car driving around Grandpa and Grandma's tennis court? Oh goodness--you were so proud!  You turned a bunch of cookies, beeped your horn, and whipped that steering wheel with surprising hand-over-hand coordination.  You opened the door and stepped out with a definite swagger.  I am not sure I have ever seen anything quite like it.  Trains, planes, automobiles all make up your top favorite things.  You like bugs.  You adore being outside.  You have figured out how to work all doorknobs and deadbolts and we have to be extra vigilant about making sure you don't escape.  You have taken an interest in drawing lately--"eyes" and "smiles" is what you claim your pictures are.  You love spaghetti, pizza, clementines, and pickles (you call them "picka-pickas").  You have a pretty good vocabulary and can say things like, "Mama, where cup go?" And "Daddy--please--choo-choos." (You were trying to coerce him into an episode of Chuggington).  You are not a fan of bedtime, but make up for it with good 3-4 hour naps.  We have to wrestle you into your carseat nearly every trip because you want to drive instead. You join in on the nightly singing of the lullaby, jumping in on the last word of each phrase and letting loose with an opera-styled bellow.  You sing happy birthday to yourself but it sounds more like "happy choo-choos."

All these things about you make up your little personality right now.  And man, do we adore you!  I am so thankful that the story God was writing for our family included you.  How dull life would be right now! ;o) I think you bring out the best in all of us.  Happy birthday my sweet little boy--how we love you, your tight squeezes and those dancing, galloping, happy feet. Our greatest hope and prayer for you always is that your grow to love Jesus with all your heart.  Happy day August boy.

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