Monday, March 28, 2016

March 20-26

Sunday night drive home--dash view. ;o)
I caught Emmett all curled up on Jackson watching a movie.  Jackson wasn't overly thrilled at getting this sweet moment documented.
I am not exactly sure what was going on here. Josh likes to play the card game "Hearts" on his phone.  Apparently you can send gifts?  And apparently they were really cracking themselves up.
This little fellow LOVES to be outside.  When he looked out the window and saw Owen and a neighbor boy out there naturally he needed to be with them.  He got his shoes and carried them all the way upstairs to Marissa who was in her room working at the computer. "Dees--'side peez?"  Which is August-speak for "Rissy--outside please?"  And he was so insistent and hopeful she couldn't tell him no.  So, I got August ready while Marissa got dressed to go out and this is his expectant face as he waits by the door watching her get her shoes on.

And finally, what the Saturday before Easter looked like:
egg dyeing on the inside,
snow storming on the outside.

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