Monday, March 14, 2016

February 28- March 5

 Wrestling meet metals/trophies--August felt the need to line up as well.
 A walk around the yard revealed a lot of spring coming up!  Exciting . . . but also worries me a bit as there is a lot of time left for cold fronts to come through.  I would much rather see things wait a bit longer instead of getting nipped with cold again.
 Every now and then I stop and observe these busy boys: one dutifully practicing, two playing with a Lego creation, and one small one dancing naked on the cello case.  Life is so rarely quiet. ;o)
 It was the week of the book because I had tons of pictures on my camera and phone of August in various states of (un)dress looking at books by himself.
Giggles--one of my favorite sounds.
Movie night.  
Says Josh, "Let's see how many boys we can fit in as little space as possible.";o)
Everybody fights for the spot by Daddy.

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