Sunday, February 14, 2016

February 7-13

Another wrestling meet.
This is Jackson.  A year ago at this meet I watched him work so hard without a single win.  This year he won two of his four matches.  It is so awesome to continue to see the hard work and effort but also the improvement.  Emmett had a not-so-good day, he is ridiculously small compared to other kids his age (and he lacks effort *ahem*), and Owen is a little go-getter, getting pins in all three of his matches!  Wrestling is kind of hard on this mama's heart.  It is really only fun to watch your boy out there when he is doing well.  Otherwise, it is kind of excruciating.
 Lately, in spite of their age difference these two have started to become pals.  I found them in the back mudroom area with two old couch cushions pretending they were driving a vehicle together. So sweet!
Read-aloud snuggles with big sister.
Another Wednesday night sunset view looking west from my in-laws' driveway.
 Books and tea and this girl--a few of my favorites things.
 I have been patiently waiting for the moment to introduce my daughters to all the Jane Austen BBC miniseries.  We started with Emma.  You can imagine my shock and delight to find my boys enjoyed it as well. (In fact Jackson was upset we had watched episode 2 without him and watched it by himself so he could be caught up for 3).  So, I had to take a picture of them all ready for movie night. ;o)  
And our annual Valentine tea.  Here is what I want to remember:
This is no "Pinterest worthy" tea party. Other than a scattering of Valentine paper plates, there was no other decor', and all my dishes are mismatched.  Yet they were all so happy and excited.  They lingered long at the meal, talking and giggling. And they all thanked me for the tasty food when we were done (lots of times!).  Some days are hard, but some days you get a little glimpse that maybe all this training is paying off.  I love those days.

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Kathryn said...

Your busy wrestling schedule looks eerily similar to my busy basketball season---except yours requires more bodies on the floor. :)

And just look at August, all pleased with himself, at the Valentine tea. Toooo cute!