Sunday, January 17, 2016

January 10-16

Apparently this week was a bit heavy in the August department, but I think, if you spent a week with him, you would understand why.  He is the type of child that you need to keep in your line of vision at all times.  If two minutes passes and you can't find him, it is bad news.  This week alone found him in the girls' red nail polish (ruining a set of pajamas, and staining an upholstered chair and carpet in the girls' room), learning how to work the water dispenser on the refrigerator, constantly in the bathroom (either "brushing" his teeth, unwinding all the floss, digging his hands into the hair paste and smearing it upon himself, or taking cupfuls of water out of the toilet and putting it in the trash can), and he dumped a big container of oatmeal out in the pantry . . . There are probably a few more things I could add to this list, but I am old and tired and forgetful at this point. ;o)  I am kind of reliving my Jackson days, only this kid might have more energy, be more sneaky, and he joyfully gallops wherever he goes.  I am always trying to find something to get him to stay occupied (Dot markers have been a fave this week).  He also has quite the appetite and can easily tuck away 4-5 clementines a day, a banana, an apple, little bowls of raisins (and those are just his snacks)--his appetite I think is better than Emmett's or Owen's! He keeps me hopping!  Thankfully, he also naps really well and usually does a good 3 hour nap every afternoon (sometimes stretching towards four). We all breathe a little easier while he is resting peacefully and we don't have to be on high alert for the next mess-capade. ;o)

Among other excitement I went grocery shopping on Friday and I just have to say what a delight my pantry is (Marissa calls it one of the "Seven Wonders of the House" and I concur--although neither of us could come up with the other six).  ;o) I take immense pleasure in organizing our food items--it is kind of like stocking my own little grocery store.  I still have a few little organizing items I would like to get (like a can dispenser rack for instance) as well as some more jars or crate/basket type items.  Things are so much more fun to organize when they are pretty!  I had made our last big grocery trip stretch for four weeks--there were of course some items that had to be gotten during that time--but let's just say we really depleted what I had on hand.  It is always good to get creative and try to think up some "free meals."  But it was good to stock up again too. ;o)

And the last picture is all my boys drawing dragons.  I had played a youtube "how to draw" video, and I was surprised to see all of them undertake it (Jackson and Owen really aren't big into drawing).  I think sometimes they don't try because they don't know where to start--I see a lot more of this in our future when we need a good "cabin fever" activity. 

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Yep...January 14 is my favorite photo!!! <3