Sunday, January 10, 2016

January 1-9

Yes, I am back at another year of weekly documenting.  As I mulled over what to do for the new year I decided "If it ain't broke, why fix it?" ;o)  This is going to be my fifth year of doing the "Project Life" style of scrapbooking, and I am still as enthusiastic about it as I was when I discovered it--this whole routine just works for me.  While I don't so much care if I get a picture every single day of the year any more I still aim for that, mainly because it forces me to pick up my camera (or phone--I am using both these days).  Some days are kind of slow and boring, but I like snapping the mundane of our lives--it is kind of like a great big treasure hunt every day, what can I celebrate and be thankful for? And in the first 9 days of the year there was a Mahoney State Park sledding adventure and homemade runzas, couch snuggles and mornings of frozen fog, my bookends enjoying each other's company, a snowy evening with giant feather-like snowflakes, a girl all cozy on the couch reading, and one early morning shadow puppet show so I could get in a shower in peace.  This is what our live looks like right now.

I love a fresh start to a new year!  For Christmas Josh took a hint and got me this beautiful new planner I had been salivating over: Carpe Diem planner in Robin's Egg Blue  I love it! It is so pretty (I think the color leans a little bit more mint then the picture shows, which is what I was hoping!).  I got some new pens with Christmas money:

And found myself reading through this lovely little book:

I love a good time management book, and I enjoyed this one.  I found the first half more practical for myself mainly because the 2nd half talks about the tools he uses (which are all digital or apps).  And well, I have this beautiful planner and lovely pens and I refuse to go digital with my calendar. ;o) However, I am intrigued with how he uses the app "Evernote" and so I have that downloaded and I am hoping to figure it out.  I can envision several ways to make it work in my life.  Initially, I didn't think I needed it, because Evernote is basically a digital filing cabinet, and I kind of feel like I use Pinterest in that manner.  BUT as I read more about it, I can see how Evernote might be better.  While old Pinterest pins could end up directing you to dead links, in Evernote you get to file away exactly what you want to save.  So, that is how I am currently trying to grow my brain. ;o)  It takes me awhile to learn new tricks.  Ask my hubby, who so kindly downloaded Microsoft 10 for me over break and then had to un-install it and bring back Microsoft 7 . . .  In my defense my laptop is really old--maybe that is why it was running painfully slow . . . but still everything was different and it was really upsetting. At some point though I suppose I will be forced to change and adapt.  But it is not this day!! 

Among other new year goals is just the desire to take in more of God's Word.  I am back in another read-through of the Bible (Exodus right now, but Leviticus is looming . . .) and also making use of our church's Sound Words app.  I have been playing it for the kids during meal times--a nice way to feed bodies and souls!  I also have really been enjoying the Revive our Hearts podcasts.  I was greatly encouraged listening to an old Elisabeth Elliot talk they had on this week.

So, that is what I have been up to!  What new things are on your agenda for the new year?


Mom said...

The photos, as always, are wonderful! As I read the rest...oh are your Mother's daughter. We have to talk soon! Love you

Kathryn said...

You inspire me!! I'm so glad you're doing your pictures again and so relieved that Josh took the hint for that new planner. ;) New pens. Of course. :)

Natalie said...

I decided to stop by and get caught up on some of your pictures! I love your everyday photos!! On a side note - I really like your sofa. :)