Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Happy 6th Owen Joshua!

It's kind of hard to believe that the little baby I brought home just shy of Christmas is six years old today.  But you are!  You are sweet and spunky and sometimes quite squirrely.  You spend each day trying to "keep up," determined to show those older siblings that you can do everything they can do.  You are devastated with each game you play (and lose).  But I know some day the tables will turn.
You always want to hang with your daddy and help him at whatever project he is doing.  During these months when he is coaching wrestling and not around as much I find you at my elbows, always asking, "Can I do it?"  You still like to be tucked in at night.  You requested a Star Wars Lego watch for your birthday and Darth Vader slippers. You told me that maybe next birthday you can get a bath robe (but little do you know you will be unwrapping a Darth Vader one on Christmas Eve). ;o) Also, you asked for snowman pancakes for breakfast and tacos for supper and I was happy to oblige. You love to sing with a happy heart and talk a lot about getting your own violin. You are a fun little boy to have around.

Happy birthday my Owen!
May six be super and may a love for Jesus keep growing in your sweet heart.

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Mom said...

Oh my...he is growing so fast...too fast, for me! Happy birthday wishes! Love you, Owen!