Thursday, December 31, 2015

December 27-31--The End of 2015

A seriously awesome sunset.  I caught a glimpse through the kitchen window and gasped--the colors were phenomenal!
A pile of kids on the floor! We had some friends come spend the afternoon/evening with us, and I got a kick out of them sitting in the middle of everything playing Apples to Apples. August, of course, in the midst of it all.
This blurry picture courtesy of Josh documenting the watching of the new Stars Wars movie.  You can tell nobody was in the mood for a picture and just wanted to be in the theater yesterday. But not only did they have to wait for their father to be on Christmas break, they also had to wait for $5 Tuesday, because there is no way we would take them all for full price . . . ;o)  The days of $1 movies in Arapahoe are sorely missed.
In spite of the fact Amazon kind of messed up the delivery of this gift, all was forgiven after it finally arrived the 29th (and they took $30 off). Meet the Ewok village.
And junk food night, per tradition.
Followed by The Return of the King, the glorious extended 4 hours of it, per tradition.
I made it to midnight (barely). 
Go me.

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