Sunday, December 27, 2015

December 20-26

 Picture of my four children's concert participants (church).
 Nothing like getting home on a Sunday night from Lincoln to turn around the next day and head right back in, but these two girls really wanted to go to their girls' choir Christmas party, and because I love them so, back to Lincoln we did go. ;o)
 Family celebration of our 6 year old Owen.
Evening chats with Daddy.
 Christmas Eve! Yay for a decent picture with a camera timer!
Not only was there snow for Christmas, but the most gorgeous freezing fog--really the weather couldn't have been any more picturesque!  I love the drive to my parents' home.
A celebration of toddlers, footie jammies, and lights. ;o)


Helen said...

From Bend Oregon ~~ Happy Holidays!

Mom said...

Love the family photo...turned out great! What a precious family!

Kathryn said...

Such a *great* family picture and I love the twiggy stars on the stockings!