Monday, November 30, 2015

November 15-21

Sweet Marissa peeking around from the back row.  She played Corelli's La Folia accompanied by her poor nervous wreck of a mother. ;o)
The joy of a flashlight all to yourself.
Last year we scored a flocked tree half off at Menards.  And I couldn't wait to put it up. ;o)
I love the glow from the back mudroom and how the kitchen doorway frames it.
YAY! SNOW!! (So you can see, the early putting up of a tree was completely warranted).
Nudie cutie playing with his cars.
More snow!  Jackson went out for about an hour and just walked around the yard.
November was a month of transitions.
We officially cut out the last of his nursing sessions. (sniff, sniff)
We started attempting him in the boys' "bunk room."
It went pretty well the first night, but then Owen had a cold and loud cough, which kept disturbing August.  He went back to the crib mattress which is on the floor in the corner of our room. We're getting there . . .  

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Kathryn said...

always bittersweet when those babies move on to big boy things, but he sure does look sweet all tucked in his new bed!