Saturday, October 3, 2015

September 27-October 3

Due to the fact I grew four teeny tiny pathetic pumpkins this year, it was with much excitement when we were able to harvest some of the pumpkins my mother-in-law grew.  It is always so fun to see all the crazy variety and color!
Evening art with my little kindergartener.  
Our days look so much different compared to when we first began our homeschooling journey, and kindergarten was the main event.  It is hard to maintain the same enthusiasm the fifth time around, but I still want to be kindergarten to be special for Owen . . . even if that means we paint at bedtime after the bath and in our jammies.
 A little glimpse of the front porch.  I still need to finish painting the trim on that window.  The table is a Craigslist find (of course).  I stripped the top and restained it a nice dark walnut color, the white chairs and base could use a bit of touch-up . . . but it is, after all the porch, so it isn't a high priority. ;o)
The beginnings of the fall pretties show up out front.
 Jackson's biggest fan when it comes to cello practice.
 Fall "casual" Cello Recital/Party--Jackson played a rousing "Hunter's Chorus." ;o) He and I came into Lincoln for this just by ourselves . . . I took him for a McDonald's mocha frappe when it was all over (big highlight for him).
And my Bella girl plays volleyball this fall.  She has really enjoyed it and has gotten to make friends with other 6th grade girls in Shelby, a win-win!

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