Monday, October 19, 2015

Palisades State Park~10/17

Palisades State Park is roughly 40 minutes from Sioux Falls--not a huge park, but a neat little place full of great hiking trails and camp sites, as well as 6 camping cabins.  We  would have loved to stay in one of the little cabins but they were all booked weeks (maybe months?) ago.  It was nice to have no time schedule and just wander about and explore.  After walking a good portion of the trails we decided to bring our picnic back to a little picnic table we had stumbled upon at the beginning down by the creek.  When we finished up at Palisades we headed over to Devil's Gulch--rumored to have been jumped by Jesse James on a horse. (Last pic gives you an idea of the spacing).  The kids decided it could have happened. ;o)  Definitely wouldn't have been attempted if I had been on that horse!!  And to round out the day, since we were so close to the Minnesota border (and the kids had never been to Minnesota) we drove a few minutes and all got out--so now they can all mark Minnesota off their list too. ;o)
It counts, yes?

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