Saturday, October 31, 2015

October 25-31

Helping Grandma bring in the last of the pumpkins.
First afternoon cocoa.
Preparing to paint the back entrance/stairwell.
What our school room table looks like EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. ;o)
This little boy LOVES his outside time.
Shelby hosted a downtown Trunk or Treat and a hayrack ride.  We dug through our costumes and found something that would work for everyone--except August.  He got his very own Yoda costume. ;o)

Happy Fall House!

My goal after moving this past May was that I would hopefully have a lot of my projects complete so I could do some fall decorating.  For the most part, that came true. The summer was spent painting . . . the kitchen, the kitchen cabinets, the pantry, the back mudroom, the living/dining room, the school room, the enclosed front porch, and the girls' room. And I painted my bookshelves as well as a desk! And stripped a table . . . For awhile there I think my hand was permanently deformed to look like it was constantly holding a paintbrush.  So, the whole downstairs area--it has all pretty much been covered in new paint. The decorating is a slow process.  I am working on a corner gallery wall around our tv.  It takes time for me to acquire all the picture frames (the ones with the white matting come from Kohls, the others from Walmart). The orange couch pillows were a tablecloth from Target that I was able to make 4 envelope styled pillows out of.  The best part of that project was that I could use the original hems for the back opening part and that saves so much time! The little chalkboard (first pic) was a $2 picture from Goodwill--I painted over the original art with chalkboard paint and then used a chalk marker to write the the quote.  I have begun looking for lots of little chalkboards so I can change them out.  It made me sad to work so hard on some chalk art only to have to erase it! No more of that! ;o)  I told Josh that I finally feel like I am starting to "surface." Having a baby in May 2014, moving a few weeks later, figuring out life in a new area, and then moving again May of 2015--it was a lot!! But I noticed in the last few weeks I am starting to fold towels again instead of just barely get them into a basket for people to fetch out of.  It is a good sign that after nearly a year and a half of "surviving" things are starting to come together.  That is a good feeling.  Not that there still aren't any hopeless areas . . . oh the basement . . . we basically just threw everything in that space that we didn't know what to do with--I have a path to the laundry area and that is it!  But, one thing at a time.  Our home is a cozy little place right now and we are looking forward to hunkering down for the winter.  And how exciting--Christmas decorating is coming!! ;o)

October 18-24

 One last look at the falls before heading home.
 Celebrating our birthday girl--don't you love that shirt? ;o)
 Isabella has been busy with her stop motion Lego movies again.  Her patience with every little detail amazes me and the finished project is always quite entertaining. 
 The thing about moving is that whole first year we find every season is a lovely surprise.  We got to see late spring, did our first summer, and now--FALL!  I love the morning light and all the leaves.  I go out and walk around in their crackliness just for fun. ;o)
 Made a quick trip to Lincoln to drop the girls off for the weekend--admired the corn field view from Grandpa and Grandma's.
And of course, big trees and lots of leaves means this is what and October Saturday will look like. ;o)

Monday, October 19, 2015

Happy 14th Marissa Grace!

Happiest birthday Marissa! 
You are, always and forever, my sunshine.

Palisades State Park~10/17

Palisades State Park is roughly 40 minutes from Sioux Falls--not a huge park, but a neat little place full of great hiking trails and camp sites, as well as 6 camping cabins.  We  would have loved to stay in one of the little cabins but they were all booked weeks (maybe months?) ago.  It was nice to have no time schedule and just wander about and explore.  After walking a good portion of the trails we decided to bring our picnic back to a little picnic table we had stumbled upon at the beginning down by the creek.  When we finished up at Palisades we headed over to Devil's Gulch--rumored to have been jumped by Jesse James on a horse. (Last pic gives you an idea of the spacing).  The kids decided it could have happened. ;o)  Definitely wouldn't have been attempted if I had been on that horse!!  And to round out the day, since we were so close to the Minnesota border (and the kids had never been to Minnesota) we drove a few minutes and all got out--so now they can all mark Minnesota off their list too. ;o)
It counts, yes?

Falls Park~10/16

I had this little idea in the back of my head to take a fall trip the weekend prior to mine and Marissa's birthdays.  Quite nicely, Shelby's fall break lined up with this idea, and so on Friday, October 16th we set off for Sioux Falls, South Dakota, roughly a 3 1/2 hour drive from our house.  We stopped in Yankton at a cute little park for a picnic lunch and then finished out the drive, checking into our hotel around 2:00 pm.  The only thing on our agenda for the rest of the day was investigating Falls Park.  If we lived in Sioux Falls I think you would find us there every weekend!  The kids loved climbing all over the rocks (a bit too fearlessly at times . . . *ahem*), and just overall, it was a nifty little place to run around and explore.  We have all been craving some days full of margin, and this fit the bill nicely. We had lovely fall weather, coo, but not too brisk--mid fifties to low sixties--just the right temps for outside fun! 

October 11-17

 Glimpses of a Sunday morning sunrise.
 More pumpkins brought home from Grandma's patch.  This year, much to Josh's delight, his mom grew some regular jack-o-lanterns.  Rather perfectly, there were six nice-sized ones for our kiddos--just the number we needed for pumpkin carving night.  Josh is so very pumped to not have to buy extra pumpkins this year. ;o)
 We have a few awesome ash trees on our lot.  This one is right in between the house and the garage.  I will enjoy it and all its golden leaf beauty while I can (before the emerald ash borer hits . . .).  This one will not be fun to cut down. :o(
 Little boys playing.
 We took a mini fall vacation to Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  We spent the late afternoon exploring Falls Park--the kids loved it.
Day Two was spend at Palisades State Park, hiking and picnicking. A fabulous way to spend a beautiful fall weekend!