Saturday, September 26, 2015

September 20-26

Sunday home sick with these two as a tummy bug makes its way through the family.
 Why you don't leave your tea cup unattended.
 Tummy bug hits Bella--August shows his sympathy.
 CAST REMOVAL DAY: a family holiday where we all head up to Omaha for the grand unveiling and then ambitiously plan a hike with the still rather crippled child through a state park that had recently seen much rain and was rather muddy . . . I have had better ideas--but we made it to the waterfall (Josh had to carry Emmett--he hasn't quite forgiven me yet). ;o)
 August has become quite a big fan of Daddy lately.
Soup-er Saturdays are here again--cheeseburger soup and apple crisp a great finish to our Saturday.

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