Saturday, August 15, 2015

August 9-15

(girls come home from camp to a surprise room makeover)
Where Emmett sat after a bike wipe-out and we tried to decide if an ER trip was worth it.
It was . . . right fibula, broken.  A spiral fracture. Oh, and did I mention we started school back up this day too . . . ;o)
Still awaiting the "real cast"--coloring kept him happy while he was stuck in a chair.
Brought up the old recliner from the basement--the living room looked like a scene from a retirement home.  Those first days were hard--kind of like caring for an overgrown infant that you couldn't jostle or bump.  It slowly got better.  After the first two weeks were behind us life was pretty normal--he slept through the night again, and he could get around pretty easy with his walker.

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