Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 21-27

 Happy Father's Day to Josh!
 VBS kicks off in Lincoln--and lots of swimming too!
 August and I spend a couple days at home by ourselves while everyone else is in Lincoln.
Lots of cleaning went on.
 The day my new appliances arrived!
A fridge and a stove to be exact.  The fridge arrived dented and we are still awaiting its replacement, but my stove--*swoon*
After becoming completely overwhelmed with the myriad of choices out there I told Josh to "just pick one." (Too many choices and I shut down).  We decided not to go with stainless steel because I just didn't think that would look nice for very long with having six kids.  Getting a double oven was very exciting.  I do a lot of cooking/baking . . . ;o)
 VBS concert--Josh and I have fun playing the Cooley version of "Where's Waldo" and laughing over the very unique stage presences each of our children possess.
 Summer days and boy bellies. ;o)
I haven't decided which is more challenging:
Moving with a newbown?
Moving with a toddler?
It might be a toss-up. . .

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