Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 14-20

 Watching the big kids swim.
 Oh, this gravel driveway.
It is not one of my favorite things (or Josh's either). Thick and deep and don't even get me started on the amount of little tiny rocks that are constantly tracked in. BUT--
It is like having one big sandbox for my boys!
They built tons of moats one morning and filled them with water. It kept them busy for hours.
Someday maybe we will put in a paved drive-way.  Until then though, there is a always a perk in the imperfections.
 Even though I was probably sick of the feeling of a paintbrush in my hand weeks ago, I got the school room painted.  Loving this Behr color "Rhino" (that I had mixed at Sherwin Williams when they were running a 40% off sale). I set goals for myself like, "You can unpack your books once you paint the bookcases white." And then there is this snowball affect because, first, I need to paint the room.  Then I need to paint the shelves.  Then I need to put the shelves in the room.  THEN the books can go in.  Shelving for the closet is still in the works . . . I can't unpack anymore school supplies until there is a place for them to go. (More snowballing). ;o)
 We celebrated 15 years.
And giggled remembering how on our honeymoon we decided were going to take an anniversary trip OUT OF THE COUNTRY every five years.
For our 5th we did make it to Kansas City.
And maybe our 8th to Omaha?
No European tours were to be had this year. ;o)
 Just some pretty flowers in my mom-in-law's garden.
In case the watermelon slicer at Menards tempts you . . .
It didn't even make it through one watermelon--big thumbs down!
(no Saturday picture)

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