Saturday, May 30, 2015

May 10-16

A quick Mother's Day picture before leaving for church.
It was 7:30 and very windy.
Not the most photogenic group at that moment. ;o)
(check out August's hair!)
The first baseball game!
But I missed it.  It was cold!! Emmett got so cold that I think they took pity on him and let him be catcher for one of the innings just so he could wear more gear!
"Play me a song you're the the piano man . . ."
Isabella got this picture of August.  We love seeing his personality emerge--we think we might have a little ham on our hands.
Awana awards night!  I survived a school year of crazy Wednesdays!!
Happy dance!
And one more from that night.  I shared this on Facebook, but how cool is it that Emmett's teacher for Sparks was once Josh's teacher for Sparks? How cool is it that Sid still remains a good friend in Josh's life?  It's all pretty neat.
 Learning about the "bee-bo" (belly button for those who don't speak Boynton). ;o)
 Emmett fishing for rocks in the huge puddle that followed a rain storm. Love the reflections happening!
And a small little family birthday party for August the day before the official day.
The candle was of course intriguing. ;o)

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