Sunday, May 17, 2015

Happy 1st Birthday August Daniel!

To my sweet little boy on your first birthday:
I remember when I was a first-time mama, and my very first baby turned one.
I was a puddle of weepiness. I stood over her crib watching her sleep as the clock turn 10:13--the exact moment she had entered this world--and I sobbed at how fast a year had gone and at how much I loved that wee little person.
It is a bit different the sixth time around.
I have learned that this quick passage of time is a fact of life.
Six "first years" have slipped my grasp. Each one as vaporous as the next.
I have learned not so much to mourn it but just be thankful for it.
And while maybe I should be thinking that this is it, my-most-definitely-last-baby, no more baby-hoods.  I can't.
Because you were the surprise.
The water brimming and spilling over the edges of a full cup.
The cherry on the top of the tasty sundae.
The sprinkles on the cake.
The extra. 
The bonus.
You have brought us 
I read somewhere recently that so often in life we find a death in a family is followed by a birth, the joy that follows the mourning. 
You have been that for my heart.
The Neosporin for the hurting spots.
God knew we needed you and when we needed you.
My life is so much better because you are here.
Daily your brothers and sisters will say, "I cannot imagine if we didn't have August."
And I can't either.
What a gift you have been to us.

We love you August Daniel and thank God He gave you to us.
Happy first sweet boy.


Kathryn said...

{{SNIFF}} Your birthday posts get me *every* time. Happiest of happies to your sweet lil' man!!

Anna said...

beautiful words, Janna - I've enjoyed catching up with your crew! Hugs to you all. And love the new house!