Sunday, May 31, 2015

All the rest of May (17-31)

 Celebrating ONE with my sweet baby boy!
Buying a house!
(the main reason my blog has been oh so quiet)
Meet our 102 year old four square . . . at some point I will do better introductions.
A warm welcome poster (and mowed yard and flowers in planters!) from our friends the Curry's!
Our first home ownership project began that night. 
Now the kitchen had been redone (the whole house is recently remodeled) but it wasn't exactly my "vibe." The cabinets were kind of tan with light brown doors, the wall a deep brick red.
So, as soon as we got the keys I had Josh take off the doors on all the cabinets.
And then for the next week (or three) chaos ensued.

But by the end of the week I was making head way, at least on this side.
(Until we discovered the fridge wouldn't fit and that all whole length of counter top had to be cut down six inches, as well the the cabinetry underneath).
Saturday morning we woke up for the last time at our farmhouse rental.
This was the big moving day.
 We weren't quite together for church that morning and attempted to dig ourselves out a bit.  That evening we came up to Lincoln to celebrate Dan's birthday (he would have been 38 on the 18th) and visit the grave.  Emmett picked one of Grandma's peonies to put on his grave.
 Got the dining room kind of in functioning order--a pitcher of peonies will make anything look better!
 Josh has good help getting bunk beds built.
 Emmett plots our gardening endeavors with his cup of tea.
 On the numerous trips in between old house and new we would drive past this field of weeds (but let's call them wildflowers). It was really pretty!
 Catching a toad friend.
And more peonies.
Just because.
I have more pictures--on my phone, etc, but this kind of gives you the gist of our last part of the month. ;o) There has been lots of moving, lots of painting, lots of clean up, lots of items I can't find . . . You would think I might be an expert at moving at this point.  Unfortunately, this might go down as the most unorganized!  The good thing is we should be staying put for awhile. Moving twice in a year's time is a bit too much for me.  I am looking forward to getting this home set up just how we want it.  Our kitchen is nearing the end of it's "mini-remodel" and now I really need to get some sort of garden in!

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Kathryn said...

SO MUCH to love about this post!!!!

That pic of you and August!! What a treasure that one will be as the years go by.

YOUR HOUSE! LOVE! So happy for you and know that you have been wanting a nest to call your own for a long time. The kitchen transformation looks great and glad you're nearing the end. Painting cupboards is not for sissies.

Also love the peonies and the boy and a frog. Classic signs of summer.