Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April 19-25

 A happy 36th birthday to Josh--he is sporting his birthday gift.  He loves all the funny science shirts I find for him. ;o)
 Apple blossoms.
My Emmett boy loves to bring me flowers.  I don't mind a bit.
Lilacs! Howe I adore them!
(And did you know my favorite cleaning brand Mrs. Meyers has a lilac scent this spring? It isn't too shabby--I got mine at Target).
 Because when you give a baby a cape you have to help him fly.
Finding Waldo is serious business.
Owen was waiting for us to head out--we went to Lincoln to hear the Lincoln Symphony Orchestra with a 500 voice choir rehearse Beethoven's 9th for their concert on Sunday.  I didn't know that sometimes they open up their rehearsals for free. The older five kids and I got to hear a most spectacular "Ode to Joy." 

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Kathryn said...

I get a kick out of Josh's t-shirts, too!

LOVING the lilacs. Every spring I'm reminded just how much I *love that smell.*

Big brother and super baby are adorable!