Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April 12-18

 This little boy loves to be outside.  He will even kick and flail and generally express his distress at being brought back in.
 "We were seeing how long we could hold our heads in a bucket of cold water."
Yes, boys, that is my idea of fun too.
 Nothing overly creative to say about this picture . . . I just was looking for something to photograph, and there he was. ;o)
Can you believe his first birthday is quickly approaching?
August is up to six teeth.
He can go up AND down the stairs. 
He added "Ball" and "Hi" to his vocabulary. It is especially adorable when he greets us with a "Hi!"
He stands for short periods of time and takes a few steps here and there, but overall prefers crawling because is is so much faster. 
And Marissa's spring recital with her new teacher.  It has kind of been an "upheaval year" for her--her third teacher in a year's time!  She continues to work hard and I love to hear the music that she makes.


Mom said...

Yeah!!! Thanks for all the weeks of updates! Love seeing all the photos.

Kathryn said...

Marissa (and her accompanist) did such a lovely job at recital!

I'm just chuckling and nodding my head to the 3 boys with cold dripping hair!