Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 22-28

 One last wrestling meet for my boys.  Josh found one at Pius, and since we were already in Lincoln for church it worked out great.  I didn't attend, but Grandpa and Grandma C. were able to go and see the little men in action.
 One of my favorite things about this phase of life:
I have potato peelers. 
Definitely a job I enjoy getting to delegate. ;o)
 Josh brought Sebastian in for a little tummy rubbing.
I happened upon a free Baldwin on Craigslist.
Josh drove a minivan to Lincoln without the seats and hauled it back for me.
How do you know your husband loves you?
When there are now two pianos sitting in your living room. ;o)
I am so excited to have this one though! My other had really seen its better day, and this one has such a big, bright sound (in spite of it's petite size!). And it has a pedal. And a bench. (you know, things that come in handy when you play) ;o)
 So . . .
Jackson has taken to dressing himself like a ninja a lot lately.
It is only mildly disturbing to have a silent ninja overseeing your school work.
 Another happy August in spaghetti picture.  
And Josh and I head to prom again. You want to know what makes my heart happy?  Walking into the school gym and hearing the delight in students' voices:
"Mr. Cooley!" "Mr.Cooley!" "Hi Cool Man!"
I know without a doubt he was supposed to be a teacher.


Mom said...

As always, I just love all your photos from this week...and from past weeks. But my favorite is definitely you and Josh and your "prom" photo!!

Kathryn said...

Sweet picture of you with your prom date. I bet this year you really got out on that dance floor since you weren't 8 months pregnant. ;) Smiled at the pic of your school ninja--love the imagination of a boy!

Kathryn said...

I keep coming back and stalking you for April's pics! :)