Saturday, March 7, 2015

March 1-7

 Isabella enjoys putting outfits together.  I had to get a picture of her all cute for church.
I stayed home with my three youngest boys this day as we were fighting off some colds.
 August delves into a classic.
 August discovers he is *just* the perfect height.
(no picture on Wednesday . . . Marissa did start lessons with her new violin teacher in Lincoln on this day, but I really didn't think I should bring along the big camera--first impressions and all . . .) ;o)
 Poor Bella dealt with awful ear pain on Wednesday.  In spite of the fact we were in Lincoln there was just no time between all the lessons and stuff to get her an appointment, so she soldiered on.  I took her in on Thursday morning for a roaring ear infection diagnosis and a round of antibiotics.  She wasn't too perky but her baby brother never fails to bring a smile to her face.
 Jackson had his spring cello recital, playing "Rigadoon" and his mother accompanying.
We got video, but silly me spaced off making sure a picture was taken. When we got home I was all,"Quick, let's get a pic with your cello!"  He may have just stumbled in from the van all sleepy. Hence the pained/annoyed look . . .
While I am not sure why the lighting in this photo is so awful, I still love the picture of these two buddies.  Owen was Josh's sidekick ALL DAY LONG, going everywhere with him and chatting Josh's ear off.  They are rounding out the day together cooking some hamburger meat.

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