Sunday, March 15, 2015

Happy 8th Emmett James!

 (This pose was all your own choosing and I thought it was adorable--in a manly eight year old way of course--that you were giving thought to how you wanted to look in the picture)

 (I just like this one because you have such expressive eyebrows)
Oh my Emmett! 
Some day we will laugh at how hard you were to photograph at age eight.  You are definitely an over-thinker when it comes to looking "natural."  Heehee.
But I did notice as I went through the pictures I snapped how much your face has grown up lately.  It is an eight year old face now, leaner and lacking the soft roundness it used to have.  You aren't a *little boy* anymore. When did that happen?
This year has been a kind of frustrating one for you.  As you get older you are more aware that God put all of you into "small packaging."  You want to be much bigger and stronger.  Reading still remains a struggle for you.  We keep making baby steps, but I wish as much as you wish it were easier. However, here's what I want you to know:
You are good at math and with numbers.
You are good at games and strategy.
You build really awesome Lego creations--I am always impressed with how they work!
You are really creative and detailed.
You have beautiful handwriting.
You have a tender heart.
Sometimes I have to remind myself of all these wonderful things, because as your mama I start to worry.  I don't want to define you by the one thing that gives you struggle--I want you to know all the ways I think you are amazing.  
I love you so much Emmers.
I will always be on your team, rooting and cheering for you.
Praying for you.
I KNOW great things are ahead.
Happiest 8th little buddy! How thankful I am that God gave me YOU!

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Mom said...

Happy Birthday, Emmett!! Wow...was it really 8 years ago when I was there to see you born? That was so special!!