Sunday, February 1, 2015

January 25-31

(Forgot a Sunday picture)
 August joining--and attempting to steal--Isabella's post-shower cup of tea.
 My boys created "grappling hooks" from sticks and bits of rope and then attempted to scale the trees.  A fabulous way to spend a beautiful January day. ;o)
 August got into the wipes again.
 Another new August trick--stealing Marissa's glasses.  He gets this little gleam in his eye and Marissa knows she is in for it.
I made Owen play-dough and he in turn spent two hours making breakfast for his favorite stuffed animals.
 January suddenly remembers, "Oh yeah, it's winter time!" And after 17 days of above normal temps, the cold returns, and with it snow (and snow, and more snow!).
That's okay.  I love a good storm.

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Mom said...

Just love that look in August's eyes! He is a sweetie (except I probably won't say that when he steals my glasses!! haha).