Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 22-28

Technically, this picture was taken on Saturday with my phone. But since the eggs were still in my fridge on Sunday I decided it counts. Right? Right. ;o) Our landlords were out of town and said to gather all the eggs and keep them for ourselves.  A quick check of the coop produced 18! They look so pretty in the aqua bowl.
 His own private concert.
August's joyful little bopping and shimmying and flapping gives all of us the biggest of smiles.
 Sunshine and snuggles: every cat's greatest wish in winter.
 Admiring the big "goose down" snowflakes that swirled around mid day.
Another phone pic because I just wasn't remembering to pull out my big camera last week.
August has a routine every day.  It involves removing all of the night lights from the outlets, emptying the towels and dish cloths from the bottom drawer in the kitchen, and pulling out the box of garbage sacks underneath the kitchen sink. (And of course scavenging for food that got overlooked in whatever nook/cranny he finds himself).  And yes, my kitchen is kind of outdated and beat up and one wall houses all of the appliances (fondly referred to as "The Appliance Wall").  But regardless of my personal preferences it still produces some tasty food and provides a place for us to gather together. God has contentment lessons for me everywhere.
 First spaghetti. He loved it. (Which is good, because Friday night "Spaghetti Night" is still A THING here).
 Says Josh, "We are kind of a tea drinking family, aren't we?"
Yes. Yes we are. ;o)

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