Monday, February 23, 2015

February 15-21

I caught August warming himself by the fire on Grandpa and Grandma's back porch. Or maybe he was mesmerized by the blaze (have no fear, it is actually a space heater).  Regardless, I found him cute (and it was a much better way to spend his back porch time--his most favorite activity in that room is digging into potted plants and eating dirt).
 This, THIS is Comfort Food.
It is a crock pot beef stew.  The recipe suggested serving the stew OVER mashed potatoes.
But of course!!
I am not sure why I never thought of that before but it was wonderful--definitely a keeper and a favorite with the whole family. (We kind of fought over the leftovers the next day). And you know what else? There are carrots, celery, onions, BRUSSELS SPROUTS, PARSNIPS . . . my kids are gobbling them all. ;o)
While I did get some smiley pictures, something about this one just made me want to squeeze him and smother those cheeks with kisses.
What August is up to these days:
27 inches (12th percentile)
18 lbs 14 oz (22nd percentile)
Head Circumference: 18.5 inches (90th percentile)
Needless to say his noggin is sporting some bruises . . . we are a bit top-heavy. ;o)
He plays a bit of peek-a-boo.
He gives a few high fives.
He will briefly let go and stand alone.
He "shakes his booty" in some most awesome dance moves.
He has been a stinker in the nap department--constantly afraid he is going to miss something (and well, that is highly possible in this house).
He has two teeth.
(they are quite sharp) ;o)
He enjoys food. Real food. Like enchiladas.
He says Mama or Mom-mom.  I am quite certain he knows who I am.
 The older three have all been immersed in World War II inspired reading lately.  The girls are studying the war in history, but Jackson likes to sit in on their lessons because it's a bit more exciting than ancient history. ;o)  I'm digging it along with the rest of them--I vaguely remember a bit from a high school history class, so for the most part I'm learning it too. Fascinating!!
 Happy boy with his crackers.
 Since our move you might have heard me singing the praises of the violin teacher we found for Marissa--she has been just fabulous!  So, you might understand how very sad I am to announce that just this weekend she moved . . . to Utah. :o(  I am thankful Marissa had six months with her--I know she learned so much!! There was a recital Friday night and we said our official good-byes.  What a crazy weekend . . . while Josh was gone for state wrestling I found myself running hither and thither to keep up with all my kiddos.  I am so glad my parents came up Friday night to help with kid sitting.  Isabella has been my go-to girl as of late, but I feel bad having to lay so much responsibility on her.  I was accompanying Marissa on the piano, so bringing my busy little August didn't sound like a good plan . . . Sometimes it really does "take a village." ;o)
And over the weekend Jackson finished the youth version of Unbroken. This year he has really been digging biographies of men that are on the more "adventurous" side.  He was fascinated with this book and I would dare say a bit obsessed with WW2 lately . . . he gets out the board game "Axis and Allies" just to set up the armies!  (Disclaimer: This book is not necessarily  "3rd grade reading material" . . . I read the adult version, I looked through this youth version, but did not read it.  I felt okay with Jackson reading it, but I don't want somebody giving it to a kid and then being horrified and thinking I led them astray in recommending it!  It's an amazing story, but quite frankly the Japanese weren't very nice during WW2). What's next on his list? 
And already he is asking me what to read after that . . . if you have some good true-life action-adventure to recommend let me know! 

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