Monday, January 12, 2015

January 4-10

 After a Sunday spent in Lincoln I got a kick out of watching August's glee once home. He knows his own house and was happy to make the rounds to his spots once freed from the confines of his car seat.
 I used my Christmas money to snag some simple chairs off of Amazon. Originally, I had the wingbacks there, but they are cumbersome and don't slide in and out easy.  Plus, to the right of this picture is the stairwell and gate.  We couldn't open the gate with the chair in the way (and with a mobile little baby we need that gate in working order!).  Slimmer profiled chairs are nice (it remains the most favorite spot to sit in the house!).  All these years I have had my "$30 wingbacks" and planned to reupholster/slipcover/paint the fabric.  I am starting to wonder if that will ever happen.  Regardless, I think I did get my $30 out of them. ;o)
 I glimpsed my Bella-girl out the window, surrounded by the cat population and had to go out in the cold for a picture.  It always brings a smile to my face to see her with her furry friends.  They really love her.
 And now he pulls himself to standing.
  Jackson sits nearby rather concerned about his little brother's recklessness and ready to catch him should the need arise (the little dude has taken many a tumble lately--not that it has deterred him).
 Several thoughts from this day:
Cacophony defined--one child practicing violin while one child practices piano while one walks around trying to beat "Bop-it" while the other children go about daily life.
Dejection defined--when the four older siblings participate in a group "Bop-it" session and skip over you because you will lose the game for them.  
What's that? You don't have a Bop-it?? You don't know what you are missing. ;o)
 And this is what cozy looks like. {LOVE THEM}
Beautiful winter sunset.

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Anna said...

GORGEOUS sunset! ...and I can not bop "it" either. (However, you can juggle 6 children and that's something much BETTER!) :) Looks like a fun week at your house.