Tuesday, January 6, 2015

December 28-January 3

 This is Snap Circuits, where Emmett gets to pretend he is an electrician and make cool things happen, like switch on a fan or make a light bulb turn on.  He spent ALL DAY playing with it!
 August discovered the cause and effect that is the wipes container (I pull one out another pops up!). And then he ate them.  Sixth time around and some things about babies never change--they like to empty wipes containers and they like to eat them.
 Our December artwork making the school room an extra cheerful place.  (That and I finally got around to tidying things up a bit). ;o)
The Return of the King.
Josh and these four made it through all six of the Tolkien inspired movies during December. And the last three were all extended versions . . .
 Chicken footprints in the snow--now that is one picture I don't have in our scrapbooks!
 Learning some Rummikub (huge hit with the number loving boys).
Lots of Foosball!
A family at church gifted us their table as their family had outgrown it.  We are able to change out the top to different games (air hockey, mini pool, mini ping pong, etc).  Foosball has definitely been the favorite!  It was nice to have some lazy days this week just to hang out in pajamas for half the day (or maybe that was just me?) and play games. It has definitely been hard to say good-bye to Christmas break!


Kathryn said...

You made it another year with your daily pictures. I am *so* impressed! Hope it continues in 2015--it's always so fun to see what your week has held and what a treasure for your family as the years go by.

Janna said...

Technically I missed some days, but I am not going to get hung up on perfection. 😉 I am just happy to have found a way that I can keep up with the albums!