Monday, January 26, 2015

January 18-24

 Sunday afternoon hanging out at Grandpa and Grandma's watching an old-timey Looney Toons DVD from the library.
 Discovering that even though the Stratego board is pretty torn up a Chess board will suffice as a stand in.  (The board games have been out, even though we have had pretty good weather this month . . . maybe board games are just a January thing regardless?).
 Sometimes you snap a picture and you just know it will probably be one of your favorites forever, and this is one of those.  I happened to have my camera handy when August discovered a board game set up on the coffee table.  In his hand is a die and I am saying "NO EAT!" and this is the look I get. ;o)
 Just a quick snap of the bookends.  Wednesday is busy.  I have no creativity on that day. (Actually who am I kidding? I am still trying to come back from 2014, the year that creativity died).
 Realizing a day had nearly gone by without a picture again.  When in doubt photograph the happy baby (always good material there). ;o)
 Owen has been on a vacuuming kick lately.  His favorite part (of course) is to use attachments and go around baseboards and such.  (I do not discourage him).  I am forever amused by his mouth expressions and/or his tongue when he gets intent on a job.  He makes the funniest little faces (or sticks his tongue out or wiggles his tongue back and forth).  Hopelessly adorable.
A big ship with a load of men.  Anybody else out there frequently asked to send pictures of creations off to Lego magazine?  Their LIVES would be made should Lego ever showcase one of their designs. ;o)

Friday, January 23, 2015

January 11-17

 This pretty much sums up how we all feel on Sunday evenings when we get home at about 9:15 p.m.
Owen managed to stumble into the house and fall right back to sleep.
 Little boy wrestling shoes.
On Monday and Thursday evenings I drive into Shelby and drop the boys with their daddy and they go work off some of their energy.  The girls and I (and August of course) enjoy a quiet evening that usually involves some time spent tidying (and it staying that way!) and finding a cozy corner with a book.  We like Mondays and Thursdays. ;o)
 August discovers he can do stairs.  Biggest brother watches with concern.
 Emmett all ready for Wednesday activities.  His two new front teeth are starting to show in his smile.
 Another pleased August-on-the-stairs pic (different brother keeping watch). ;o)
 Yay for sunshine in January and nearly 60 degrees.  Kids went out and got their fill of fresh air.
August Daniel turns 8 months.
It was really hard to get a picture of him this month because he is EVERYWHERE and into EVERYTHING.  There is a certain vigilance that has crept into my day because he is constantly crawling off to cause mischief somewhere.
Things he can do:
He crawls fast.
The progression of pulling to knees, then to feet, then to cruising around furniture. (He is persistent in spite of the numerous topples and bonks to the head--oy!!)
Climbs stairs.
Climbs into dishwasher. Unloads the silverware.
Cut his first tooth on the 16th.
"Chatters" a string of syllables.
Climbs, clings, follows me everywhere.
I have declared the living room an "August friendly zone." Meaning no Legos and the board games need to stay out of his reach.

Monday, January 12, 2015

January 4-10

 After a Sunday spent in Lincoln I got a kick out of watching August's glee once home. He knows his own house and was happy to make the rounds to his spots once freed from the confines of his car seat.
 I used my Christmas money to snag some simple chairs off of Amazon. Originally, I had the wingbacks there, but they are cumbersome and don't slide in and out easy.  Plus, to the right of this picture is the stairwell and gate.  We couldn't open the gate with the chair in the way (and with a mobile little baby we need that gate in working order!).  Slimmer profiled chairs are nice (it remains the most favorite spot to sit in the house!).  All these years I have had my "$30 wingbacks" and planned to reupholster/slipcover/paint the fabric.  I am starting to wonder if that will ever happen.  Regardless, I think I did get my $30 out of them. ;o)
 I glimpsed my Bella-girl out the window, surrounded by the cat population and had to go out in the cold for a picture.  It always brings a smile to my face to see her with her furry friends.  They really love her.
 And now he pulls himself to standing.
  Jackson sits nearby rather concerned about his little brother's recklessness and ready to catch him should the need arise (the little dude has taken many a tumble lately--not that it has deterred him).
 Several thoughts from this day:
Cacophony defined--one child practicing violin while one child practices piano while one walks around trying to beat "Bop-it" while the other children go about daily life.
Dejection defined--when the four older siblings participate in a group "Bop-it" session and skip over you because you will lose the game for them.  
What's that? You don't have a Bop-it?? You don't know what you are missing. ;o)
 And this is what cozy looks like. {LOVE THEM}
Beautiful winter sunset.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

December 28-January 3

 This is Snap Circuits, where Emmett gets to pretend he is an electrician and make cool things happen, like switch on a fan or make a light bulb turn on.  He spent ALL DAY playing with it!
 August discovered the cause and effect that is the wipes container (I pull one out another pops up!). And then he ate them.  Sixth time around and some things about babies never change--they like to empty wipes containers and they like to eat them.
 Our December artwork making the school room an extra cheerful place.  (That and I finally got around to tidying things up a bit). ;o)
The Return of the King.
Josh and these four made it through all six of the Tolkien inspired movies during December. And the last three were all extended versions . . .
 Chicken footprints in the snow--now that is one picture I don't have in our scrapbooks!
 Learning some Rummikub (huge hit with the number loving boys).
Lots of Foosball!
A family at church gifted us their table as their family had outgrown it.  We are able to change out the top to different games (air hockey, mini pool, mini ping pong, etc).  Foosball has definitely been the favorite!  It was nice to have some lazy days this week just to hang out in pajamas for half the day (or maybe that was just me?) and play games. It has definitely been hard to say good-bye to Christmas break!