Monday, December 22, 2014

Happy 5th Owen!!!

I am slipping in here--before your day is officially over--to write your birthday post.
It has been quite the year, for me, for your daddy, and of course you too.
Since you turned four your uncle died, you became a big brother, you moved to a new home . . .
We have had conversations, just you and I, and I know that little head is thinking.
Randomly you will come up and tell me, "I miss Uncle Dan. He was a nice guy."
You will tell me you miss Arapahoe. So I KNOW your little self "gets it."
You lost your "baby of the family" status.  And while you love your little brother to pieces, I know you miss the one-on-one time we had, and I miss it too.  It is still there, just not like it used to be. I think of all these things as your turn five today.
God gave me you so I could see what your daddy was like as a little boy.
You are FULL of energy.
You love to do things with people one-on-one.
Your attention bank is always "empty" and no matter how much time anybody spends with you, you are always in need of more--ready to go again, read it again , again, again, again!
You love imaginative play.
You want to do it all--you are full of passion for every new thing or idea that comes your way.
I love that.
You are silly.
You are serious.
You are a helper.
You are sweet.
(and yes, in typical little brother style you are maddening . . . you mess with stuff, you hide people's things under your bed . . .very similar to stories I have heard about a certain daddy of yours)
Sugar has adverse affects on you.
But works great for bribery. . .
You are starting to read and can write a good many letters on your own.
You were making me a Christmas gift just tonight and had written "MOMM" all over it.
And also, you told me you cleaned my kitchen today (well, you swept it, but I will take what I can get). ;o)
I love that your little heart thinks of me in such sweet ways.
You requested homemade pizza and a rainbow cake for your birthday.
And because I love you I made you this towering six layer cake.
Five finger for five years of you!
We love you so much buddy and are so happy to have you a part of our big Cooley crew.
Our prayer for you, always and ever is that your heart will belong to Jesus and that you grow to be a follower of Him.
I can't wait for new adventures with you!!
Happiest day Owen Joshua!!


Judi said...

Love you lots, Owen!!

Kathryn said...

Your birthday posts *always* make me tear up! You know your children and just have a way of putting that into words in such a special way. I would think that in year to come these little birthday tributes will be such sweet reminders to them of how very much their mama loved them! Happiest of happies to Owen!

Kris said...

What a lot of joy captured in photos and words! ♥ Precious.