Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Favorite Books Read in 2014

This year I tallied up 33 books read, which is probably about half (and then some!) of what I had read in previous years.  It would be safe to say that since acquiring the sixth child the reading has suffered. ;o) And even though nursing affords me some "down time" and does tend to be when I will pick up a book, sometimes I just don't find myself with enough brain cells present to actually focus and comprehend what I am reading.  Those are my excuses. ;o)  But there were a few favorites among the 33 and I thought I would share them in the event anybody is looking for a good read to start off the year.

This was my favorite.
The writing was just beautiful.  The cover is lovely.  It is a WW2 story.  I will admit some disappointment with the end . . . just that I would have liked to see it end in a different manner. But still it remains this year's fave. 
This book was about the Civil War, particularly Yankee POWs at Andersonville.  I knew nothing about Andersonville prior to reading it (therefore I learned a whole bunch!) and it was just a really good story. (I am so good at book reports . . .) ;o)
Fascinating story about a mom and her amazing Autistic son.

This one is about a book store owner and his favorite books (and so much more). I believe there was some language (so, be forewarned if you decide to read it).
So, there you have it, my four favorites of the year.  One book I read that I really did not enjoy was "The Light Between Two Oceans." It was the "One Book One Lincoln" book this year.  It wasn't that it was badly written, but it was easy to slip into "What would I have done had it been me?" It just kind of left me feeling "icky." 

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Kathryn said...

I love to see what others have enjoyed reading and your favorite of the year sounds like one I would enjoy, too! Interestingly enough, I also read Light Between the Oceans. It was a very different kind of story then what I'd usually read and created mixed emotions as I was torn between which characters to "root for." In the end, it was just kind of a sad story.