Saturday, December 20, 2014

December 14-20

 August took an awesome Sunday afternoon nap in his carseat at Grandpa and Grandma's house. I had to pause several times to admire how precious he is. ;o)
 We made these fun little Christmas tree pictures--some of them painted, some of them colored with markers.  Projects have been kind of low-key this year, but we are still having a good time.
 Tried out a new recipe for gingerbread cookie bars--they are good!! I halved the cream cheese frosting amount and it still amply covered them.  They would probably be tasty with no frosting as well (recipe found on my "Christmas Baking" Pinterest board).
My baby turns 7 months!
Big news this month--He crawls!! It began December 6th officially, and now, well, he is EVERYWHERE!
He also will eat anything that gets in his path.
Still no teeth . . .
And another December 17th freebie for you:  The girls' most awesome "Ugly Christmas Sweaters."
Marissa is modeling a dark green sweater with variegated yarns and oodles of (shatter-proof!) Christmas balls and jingle bells wired to it.
Isabella has an elf duct-taped to her shirt. ;o)
We would like to thank Goodwill for inspiring the creativity and providing us with the resources we needed.

Why come December, the UPS and Fedex deliverers are my BFFs. ;o)
No picture for the 19th (but I made up for it by giving you two 17ths, right?)
We spent the whole weekend at Grandpa/Grandma Cooley's just because life had gotten too busy for the back and forth.  We made some homemade cocoa for some Saturday afternoon fun.

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