Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Party of Eight

Back on the birthday that was the 35th, a few days prior to the haircut that launched me into old lady-dom (according to a certain eldest . . . not that I am holding grudges . . .) I had my sweet friend Anna (which, if you you know her you would agree that "sweet" is almost always the adjective that accompanies her name!!) stop by my in-law's to get a decent family picture of the whole lot of us.  In the end it proved a quick and painless event, much to the shock of a certain husband, and I finally have some beautiful fall-filled shots to celebrate us "now." Thanks so much Anna!!

Life is oh so busy, but oh so very good.

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Anna said...

Oh it was so much fun snapping your party-of-8 at this fun stage. ;) I was equally shocked as your hubby at how agreeable everyone was.

I'm loving the other happenings--your baby pumpkin, fashionable chickens and giant cat. :) Hugs to you, friend--praying for you.