Monday, November 3, 2014

October 26-November 1

 These chickens just crack me up.  This breed (whatever it is?) is my favorite because they look like "fashion chickens." The feathers go all the way down to their feet, making them look like they have these fluffy fringed boots on. 
Sebastian was off on another adventure for a whole month (!!) and we thought he was gone for sure. But once again he came back and the last few weeks has been sticking closer to home (perhaps he has had his fill of tom-foolery?). ;o)  He is such a lover of a cat and so very tolerant of being manhandled.  Josh keeps talking about ridding him of his "wandering urges" in hopes of that he will turn into a big fat lazy cat--we are just trying to decide if that is something worth doing for an outdoor cat.  He is most definitely the favorite.
Oh this white birch tree on the east side of our house!
 And the red oak in the back!
October is going out in a blaze of glory!
 A frost finally got to the pumpkin vines and we picked the last of our pumpkins.  I have been watching this guy to see what he would do.  I had Owen lay next to it for a size reference and of course Sebastian thought he would insert himself in the picture too!
Some years we dress up for Halloween, some years we don't. Some years we trick-or-treat, some years we don't. I have a very lackadaisical approach to this holiday.  I was, however, given a pumpkin costume in some baby hand-me-downs and of course I could not resist dressing my baby up like the sweet pumpkin that he is.  When I laid him down for a picture Owen arranged all these little pumpkins around him--it kind of looks like August is juggling!  We had ourselves a little "harvest party"  (my dad officially finished up his own actual harvest this day!) and had both sets of grandparents out for soup and cider and and other stuff. ;o) We even decorated some cookies--cut out ones mind you (go me!). ;o)
This sight just kind of makes me giggle.  The chickens have been free-ranging for the last few weeks as our landlord ran out of feed and was waiting to get the corn crop in. While I may have grown up a farm girl we never had chickens and they are interesting little creatures. I just had to snap a picture of the view out my front door.

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Kathryn said...

Can you please promise to never abandon your blog (like I have done!) because I just love your posts....the pics and the witty captions are so fun. Love your juggling pumpkin baby and all those glorious pumpkins. You get *major* bonus points for cut out cookies!