Monday, November 17, 2014

November 9-15

Because, what is fall without the obligatory boots in the leaves pics? ;o)
I made the mistake of bringing all five Percy Jackson's home from the library.  Marissa was of no use the whole week . . .
First snow of the season much to the delight of the kids.  Jackson was out sledding before I had managed to eat my breakfast.  I had to keep calling children back in to get school work done (and really, it wasn't like there was THAT much snow!).
Late Wednesday evening snuggle session with Daddy.  We don't get home until just after 10:00 on these nights. They are rough (on me in particular!). I always breathe a humongous sigh of relief to have another Wednesday behind me.
August became a little roly-poly this week.  We would leave him one place only to find him at another location.  I wasn't quite ready for that (doesn't he know he is supposed to stay a little lap baby??).  He even had the audacity to wrinkle and drool all over a scrapbook I had left open in the far corner of the living room!!  I guess baby-proofing is next on my agenda.
And more snow, off and on all day Saturday.  The kids spent the morning cutting wood with Josh (we have a wood burning furnace here!) and the afternoon sledding.  They slept well that night!

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Kathryn said...

I would like to bring 5 books home from the library and be completely useless all week, too. Enjoy it now, Marissa. :)

I look at those sledding/snow pics and see the kids having fun---but I'm a mom--I know what's behind all that......finding the gloves, do these boots fit, where is the sled, why is this coat zipper stuck, etc, etc. ;)

So glad you are keeping up with all these pics. So wonderful!