Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November 16-22

 Our normal Sunday trek into Lincoln was waylaid by snowy packed roads and we ended up spending the day at home.  For Josh and I it meant some extra time to putter about the house and get some things done, for the kids it meant and afternoon of sledding until quite literally, the sun sank in the horizon.
 Sweet boy turns half a year.
Latest tricks:
Sitting pretty decent (still like to supervise this or put a boppy around him)
Rolling everywhere, eating paper . . .
Assuming "crawling position"
Rocking on his hands and knees, hopping his back legs like a little bunny and falling on his face
Trying to steal everyone's food
(So I finally gave him some rice cereal and he gobbled it up like he had been doing it for years)
It is funny how he went from being a happy and complacent little baby "I MUST GET EVERYWHERE AND EAT EVERYTHING" pretty much over night. I guess babies do that. ;o)
 Oh how the freckles pop after some time outside with the sun reflecting off the snow! ;o)
(and yes, Christmas is starting to show up a bit in the background)
No pictures for the 19th . . . I guess I was busy? ;o)
Assuming position--he has the form! Now for coordination.
We ran out of snow, so Jackson filled in. ;o)
What my weekend was dedicated to--the acquiring of butter.
(I am now sitting at 26 lbs . . . although Josh gave me permission for 30 . . .) ;o)

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