Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 5-11

 Pumpkin picking day at my mom-in-law's . . . this is just a small sampling of what she grew this year!  Her patch is always full of all sorts of fun things.
 Owen's new jammies for this fall "Sneaky Cute" (love that!).  He is "borrowing" Jackson's robe. ;o)
 August is not exactly a big guy . . . height in the 5%, weight in the 15% . . . pretty normal for one of my babies.  But his head was in the 75%. ;o)  He does have some delightfully squooshy cheeks for me to plaster with kisses.
 Glorious October.
 Marissa, a lap full of cats, a baby, and some pumpkins--happy stuff.
 My two most favorites girls in the history of ever.
And Owen, playing some catch with his daddy last Saturday.  I was admiring the "step-throw." I knew absolutely nothing about baseball prior to marriage. Dare I admit to kind of liking it a bit now?

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Kathryn said...

I'm longing for the day when Linda opens a little pumpkin market. She has such a delightful variety!!

Love the snap of your sweet girlies--sisters are just the best!

The October picture just sums it up wonderfully--the changing leaves against the blue sky. I was just enjoying that on my walk yesterday! Ahhhhh!