Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 19-25

 Birthday girls!
35 . . . and 13 . . . that went fast . . .
 And extending the birthday celebrating one more day--Marissa requested homemade pizza and an "almond joy" cheesecake.  I am pretty much game for anything that involves cheesecake . . .
 A 5 month August posing with a 6 month Jackson. I see a family resemblance . . . ;o)
 Haircut day.
So, over the last few years I have been really bad about scheduling haircuts for myself (like it was nearing two years) and during that time my hair GREW to the point of pretty much being down to my waist--almost the length it was in high school! And it was lovely when I had time to do it (which was kind of never . . . except on Sunday . . . and then the sheer amount of it stressed me out . . .).  And also, I lose SO MUCH HAIR after I have had a baby, probably a combination of being post-partum combined with a crazy thyroid.  So, I was kind of sad to cut it, but I knew it needed to happen.  I have a nice 15 inch pony-tail to send off to Locks of Love and I got to hear from my children how weird and strange I look (and have Marissa tell me she mistook me for an old lady in the church bathroom).
So yeah, everybody wins! ;o)
 An Owen and August brother moment.
 The sunrises have been AMAZING lately!
Quiet moment on a Saturday evening, all my "Bigs" reading. (And how weird that a day has come when I count Jackson with the "Bigs").


Anna said...

Oh, Janna, I am eating this up! Love catching up on your busy crew, and chuckling at your "mama" humor. :) Hope you all are having a great week!!

Kathryn said...

*BEAUTIFUL* birthday girls!!

I absolutely *love* your new haircut. So cute. LOL to Marissa thinking you were an old lady b/c I think you look so young and cute with it. :)