Monday, October 20, 2014

October 12-18

 Introducing August to the delight that is October.
 Giggly nakey baby. *Love*
 And another little boy out in the leaves.
 Wednesday we drove down to my parents' house for combine rides--it was corn picking time!
We rode two by two, girls first, then big boys, then Owen and Mommy.  August didn't make it out to the combine this year but hung out with Granny. ;o) What a beautiful day!!
 My birthday gift from Josh arrived in the mail . . . a wool blanket in the "antique Buchanan" weave.  Sometimes I get these ideas, and Josh is all "Why do you want a wool blanket?" And I am all, "Just think how beautiful it will look in the fall with pumpkins!" So when it arrived I had to show him my vision realized. Does it not just say "AUTUMN!!!" Most beautiful (okay, a tad bit itchy . . .) blanket ever! ;o)
 And my little guy--he turned 5 months (and we all know that means next month he is half a year . . . crazy!!).
At five months August is:
"ma-ma-ma" ing, and a few "ba's"
blowing me some raspberries
finding his toes (and other nether parts . . . *ahem*)
loving the book "Moo, Ba, La La La" by Sandra Boynton
Pushing up with his arms a bit
Sorta/kinda "Tri-podding" (under supervision)
(And yes, I realize you may not really be interested in my baby's milestones, but if I don't make note of them I will NEVER remember . . . when I go back to journal in baby albums/photo albums I always check my blog for the details!). ;o)
My mom-in-law cooked me up a birthday feast and set a gorgeous fall table Saturday evening.
Fried chicken! Hot Cider! Peach Cobbler! (and so much more!)
I definitely needed my comfy pajama pants after that meal! ;o)

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