Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August 24-30

 The music and arts camp finale at church--many people joked that with four of our kids up there we provided a good portion of the participants (we do what we can). ;o)
 He so looks like one of our babies (crazy, I know!). ;o)
Look at that round little face and those big eyes!! I could just eat him up (not literally of course). ;o)
 The sad fact about the month of August. 
After the most awesome run of good health out in Arapahoe (only twice in the nearly three years was Owen on antibiotics, and nobody else got sick) sickness has taken a hold of us quite fiercely.  SEVEN prescriptions were filled this month, and two of them were for two kids who had strep TWICE!  And now we are done with the antibiotics and it seems like colds have gripped a lot of the kids. Not cool. :o(
 Emmett convinced Owen to play Settlers of Catan with him.  It might be a bit out of Owen's league, but sometimes Emmett gets desperate for somebody to play with so he convinces Owen.  (Emmett ADORES this game and the last two times we have played it has actually come in 2nd . . . to Josh of course). ;o)
 SO much rain!!! I don't have a final count, but inches and inches and inches!
The boys were out for a stroll with the umbrella.
Galadriel had 6 kittens a few weeks back.  I found her sitting in the grass staring out at the road this night, her babies all snuggled up in the window well.  I get it. Sometimes mamas just need a bit of peace and quiet. ;o)

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