Saturday, August 23, 2014

Happy 9th Jackson!!!

For the third time I have a nine year old in the house and the realization that I am "half done" hits me.  Back in the beginning, in the days of emptied out pantry ingredients, drawn on walls, and general mayhem the days were oh-so-long.  But now this ride is going crazy fast and I only wish I could slow time just a bit.
While "sweet" isn't exactly an adjective I would use to describe you I have enjoyed getting to see you interact with your baby brother these last few months.  How you ask to hold him and carry him around and are generally fascinated with how adorable August is.  Because let's face it, when a mom is raising a whole bunch of rough and tumble boys, sometimes she wonders . . . am I raising barbarians? ;o) But when I see you with August or see you with a kitty I see the kindness and the gentleness and it does my heart good.
You are a solid and diligent student.  You love a good schedule and check-off list.  You are a stickler for those details and the other morning you asked at 6:47 a.m. "Is it okay if I start school now?" Because you see, school starts at 8:00 and you wanted to make sure it was okay to get going early. And I may have laughed this big huge laugh because back when the days were long and you were shoving potatoes down air vents and pulling off all of the laptop keys I didn't know there would come a day you would be excited to start your work.  That one day you would relish getting your work done, would work ahead, and then tell me it's too easy and you need something harder. Who knew?  I had worried so much about you in the beginning.  I am so thankful I didn't push you. So thankful I let you have an extra year, and so thankful we had a home setting to get you going in.  You have flourished and you love learning.
You adore baseball. You love Legos. The cello makes you happy. You are fascinated by storm systems and tornadoes. Maps are fun to read and you can't wait for the next traveling adventure.  You love the garden near as much as me.  Nothing you do you do for an audience, but do it because you genuinely love it.  In fact, you would prefer to never have an audience and never draw attention to yourself--a solid introvert if I ever saw one.  I love how intense you get with the things you love.  I am excited to see the man you will grow up to be.
Happiest birthday Jackson Macrae!  
As always, Daddy and I wish, more than anything else you will grow to be a young man who loves the Lord--that you will be a humble leader with a servant heart.  We love you oh so much!! 


Mom said...

Happy birthday, Jackson! Love you!

Kathryn said...

*Great* pictures of your birthday boy! Your birthday posts get me every time! Happy birthday, Jackson!