Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August 3-9

(No Sunday pictures, I spent the weekend miserable, five days of yucky sore throat, aches, fever/chills . . . not exactly in a picture taking mood!) ;o)
 Here is our latest batch of kittens.  We started out with five but one (the pretty white one!) mysteriously disappeared and now we have four.  Tabby moved them under the swing set--a perfect place for little boys to snuggle them.
 My August-boy and me. 
This little guy (and our move) quite efficiently turned my life/routines/schedules into utter mayhem.  People keep asking me how I am settling in and I laugh (with perhaps the crazed gleam of a maniac glowering in my eyes . . .). It has been hard.  One would think that 6th time around adding a new little person would be second nature. And while yes, there is something oh-so-familiar about the weight of a little one in my arms, I KNOW babies, I still feel like there are about 17 people in my family.  Do I adore him? Oh my, YES!  Is my house complete and utter chaos? YES!!  But I know it is a season and it can be survived. And we ARE surviving.  Food and clean clothes people, those are my goals. ;o)
Yay sunflowers!!! Yes, I post a sunflower pic every summer, but don't they just make you happy?
 And yay green beans! My second picking and they are soooo good!
 My favorite little swallowtail butterflies have been swarming the zinnias.  Almost every time I glace out a window I see one fluttering by.  I think I like them so much because they are my wedding colors . . .
His little face has rounded out and his eyes sparkle with brilliant blue.  He loves company and having conversations--all smiling, cooing, and squeals.  Josh and I have started to be reminded of a little Rissy-baby we had oh-so-long-ago.  How fun is that?


Mom said...

Oh Janna....just love the one of you and August!!

Anna said...

Great pics! August is such a BEAUTIFUL boy...praying for you, friend. :)