Monday, August 18, 2014

August 10-16

 Sunday afternoon Isabella had a Target gift card burning a hole in her pocket, so I took her to Target.
She bought a Lego kit (she likes Legos nearly as much as the boys because she enjoys making stop-motion Lego movies).  The boys looked on with palpable envy while she assembled the new kit. ;o)
 Back to school! For the first time in my eight (8!?!) years of official homeschooling I actually have a little room to devote to our scholarly endeavors--how fun!
 Working on our letters the fun sensory-filled way--drawing in shaving cream. ;o)
 Realizing one couch with not be sufficient for very long.
 Weaponry 101
(the class that will happen during down-time if you have at least one boy in your home)
 Next door neighbors.
A simple bouquet of sunflowers, zinnia, and dill-going-to-seed. I kind of think it beats a stuffy expensive arrangement any day. ;o)

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Mom said...

Wonderful photos...and I am loving your school room!! Guess that's the teacher in me. I think I need to make a wall hanging for it. ;-)