Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June 22-28

Sweet, sleeping, snuggled up baby.
Pool time . . . we have yet to make it to a public pool (and there is a high probability it just won't happen this summer) but we are thankful for Grandpa/Grandma's facilities.
Capturing an August smile (I melt). ;o)
Emmett has chucked the life jacket this summer.  I'm not saying he is a fabulous swimmer yet, but he can definitely get around the pool.
The kids enjoyed a wonderful week of VBS at IHCC again this summer. This was Marissa's first year to help in a classroom, and Owen's first year to attend as a preschooler. Josh and I had so much fun watching him up on stage--we had no idea he would sing and do the actions like he did!
A funny face. 
August is really starting to fill out and lose his newborn-look.  I know--it was bound to happen sooner or later.  I packed up his wee little newborn clothes this weekend.  I remember with Owen thinking how bittersweet it was, "last time" and all.  But this time, all I can think is "what a gift" and I am just grateful for the opportunity.


Kathryn said...

I'm loving all the pics of sweet baby August and seeing what the rest of your crew is up to on these busy summer days.

Kari M. said...

Baby snuggles....take all the time you need to enjoy them for all of us that would have loved "just one more" even though our family feels so complete just as it is! LOVE those little babes. He is adorable!