Monday, July 14, 2014

July 6-12

Music and Arts Camp is underway at IHCC and Marissa is loving the free guitar lessons and we are loving hearing her sing and accompany herself with some great worship songs. She proudly showed me the calluses she is getting on her fingers . . .
Sweeties. ;o)
Baseball Tournament--I haven't made it to many games, but they won this one.  They have a young team, and haven't won very many, but it has been fun to see how much they all improved in two month's time.  And Emmett who was my outfield butterfly chaser and grass thrower last year actually got into the game a bit.  He is so tiny and cute when he is up to bat--I just love his swinging stance. ;o)  They went onto play on the 9th but got beat, and so baseball is officially done.
Settlers of  Catan--always makes for a long evening of wound up kids (they all take this game so seriously, and Josh won again, which really aggravates them . . .). ;o)
(edited . . . this is Lord of the Rings Monopoly . . . what can I say, my brain hasn't been functioning too well lately . . .)
A shirt that speaks so much truth . . .
One of my hydrangeas has graced me with a bloom.  I want them to be blue but haven't had a chance to amend the soil (see previous picture).  Maybe next year.
The sweetest little brothers.  Owen has great plans for their friendship.


Helen said...

Your posts never fail to bring a huge smile to my face ~~ joy to my heart. Have a lovely week.

Mom said...

Just love Bella's freckles!

Kari M. said...

I was beyond thrilled to snuggle August Sunday in the nursery! I had to fight off Kathy L. (she was ready to steal him) so maybe next time you can dictate that she gets a turn since I thoroughly hogged him (-=

Kathryn said...

I love Emmett in the Catan picture. He must have just made a sweet move against Josh!? When one of the kids beats Daddy that will be a post all its own! :)

Sure looks like August is growing and getting lots and lots of love!